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IXL Co., Ltd was established in 1989. The founder of IXL is considered as the pioneer of insulated panel business in Thailand. More than 100,000 square meters of insulated panels are manufactured each year for various applications from IXL factory in Pravet, Bangkok. Either large or small projects are attentively handled by experienced staff.
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IXL FR Panel

EPS and Phenolic foam combine the best qualities to produce the STRONG foam, EXCELLENT fire resistance, EFFICIENT thermal insulation. In a fire situation, the Phenolic foam is left in a honeycomb shape and acts as a fire buffer. IXL FR Panel is strong, light weight, and significant energy saving throughout its lifetime
  • Is a fire rated insulation
  • Is an excellent thermal insulation
  • Can be used in a multitude of applications
  • Is environmentally responsible
  • Is easy to use
Best jointing system strengthens the structure of the insulating panels and easy to install
No worries on water leaks under the roof. Easy to install with IXL insulated panels
All accessories e.g. aluminium flashing, doors for cold rooms and other rooms, PVC plastic curtain and so on pass IXL standards

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Merit-making is a beneficial and protective force which accumulates as a result of good deeds, acts, or thoughts. Merit-making is important to our Buddhist practice

IXL donated COVID checking booth to 18 hospitals nationwide

Annual fire drill increases efficiency, flexibility for IXL personnel in a situation that may arise. Also first aid training is conducted every year.