“To Create Any Temperature Controlled Environment”

IXL Co., Ltd was established in 1989 with its ambition “To Create Any Temperature Controlled Environment”. The founder of IXL is considered as the pioneer of insulated panel business in Thailand. The first insulated panel laminating machine arrived in 1980 to provide insulated panels mainly for Cold Storages. Today, insulated panels are used in every sector of Agriculture, Industry, and Service. More than 100,000 square meters of insulated panels are manufactured each year for various applications from IXL factory in Pravet, Bangkok. Either large or small projects are attentively handled by experienced staff.

Our production and installation techniques have been adopted from European and Australian Standard to ensure that every project will be delivered with quality products and services. Relation and coordination with well-known International affiliates such as Isowall, BlueScope, ICI Huntsman and Dow Chemical help us to continually develop product lines and improve quality.

We have passed our knowledge and experiences to customers to ensure that they can receive the most benefit from our products in long term. IXL remains one of the leaders in insulated panel business because of the loyalty and the sincerity to customers. Therefore, you can be sure that IXL is the one you can trust.