A clean room (or cleanroom) is an enclosed space in which airborne particulates, contaminants, and pollutants are kept within strict limits, not higher than the standard set. Cleanroom are often used in the pharmaceutical industry, Bio-industry, and Electronics industry.

Clean Room Specifications

The temperature level must be appropriate.

Most operating temperatures are at 22 degrees Celsius.

The relative humidity level must be appropriate.

Generally, the humidity is about 50 +/- 10%


Adjacent rooms with different levels of cleanliness must be at least 0.05 inch water (inAq) difference in pressure. The exit/entrance must be closed. Having an air shower to air out, preventing dust particles to come in to clean rooms.


Illumination level 1,080-1,620 lux


As per the usage of cleanroom

Clean Room Types Classified by Usage

Clean room for equipment manufacturing industry

It is commonly used for industries such as electronics, microchip, paints, films and chemicals.

Clean room for the pharmaceutical industry

It is commonly used with biology labs, operating room to control the amount of bacteria. The air pressure in the room must be higher than that of adjacent rooms to prevent the spread to the inside and not let the dirt from the neighboring room get in.

Clean room for germs related laboratories

It is commonly used with viral pathogens labs or laboratories with substances that are harmful to health. The air pressure in the room must be lower than that of neighboring room to prevent the spread to the outside.

Face Profile Option For Clean Room

For a clean room, it is recommended to use galvanized steel (CB) for rust prevention, coated with 3-layer Modified Polyester (Food Grade). This complies with USDA standards and regulations.

  • BlueScope SD ZM180 Antibacterial Steel: Zinc Coat 180 g/m2, 0.45-0.60mm total coated thickness (TCT)
  • BlueScope SD ZM120 Steel: Zinc Coat 120 g/m2, 0.45mm total coated thickness (TCT)

Insulation Option For Clean Room

To choose insulation options and its thickness depending on the temperature required in the clean room

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is generally used in clean room panel applications due to its insulation properties and high strength to weight ratio. Two grades of EPS are utilised in IXL Insulated Panels; P – Grade (standard) and F – Grade (Self Extinguish).
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XPS (Extruded Polystyrene or Styrofoam) is used in applications where a higher strength to weight ratio is required. Styrofoam offers greater insulation properties as well as higher resistance to water absorption and reduce leakage risk
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PUR (Polyurethane) is made from fully cured foam slabs thereby ensuring they are flat and not subject to further shrinkage when cut. Besides being a high insulating material, it is also CFC free ensuring and Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero.
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PIR (Polyisocyanurate) has similar properties to PUR. Even though PIR is not non – combustible, it does not burn in the same way as other foams such as EPS and PUR. When subject to fire, PIR forms a carbonaceous layer which retards further flame spread and penetration.
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Recommended minimum panel thickness at different operating temperature

Advantages of IXL Panels

  • IXL panels can be cleaned easily with water or water with soap dissolved or water with detergent dissolved. Then rinse with clean water.
  • IXL panels can retard further flame spread and penetration.
  • IXL panels can relieve heat flowing into building, save electricity costs.
  • IXL panels are moisture protection with low water absorption.
  • IXL panels effectively maintain the temperature to the desired level.
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Clean Room Accessories

Aluminium supplied by IXL Co., Ltd. has its natural corrosion resistance further enhanced by additional surface protection. This finished produces a surface that is both attractive in appearance and low in maintenance.
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Standard IXL insulated door with glass windows. 6mm clear acrylic window or similar can be installed upon your request. Insulated doors are available in single door, double doors, sliding doors, or two-way swing door.
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IXL standard PVC strip curtains have been proven to maintain the temperature in a room, instant energy savings. PVC strip curtains can be seen through, walk pass through and drive through. PVC strip curtains commonly used in clean rooms are: Yellow curtain and Anti-static curtain.
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IXL has various sizes of Aluminium that fit different sizes of windows and fixed light windows. It is easy to clean and not collect dust. Many types of glass are available as per your request.
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