Cold room is a room that keeps the temperature low. The temperature of the cold room is varied, depending on usage. Generally, the temperature is -18 degrees Celsius. Cold room is mostly used for storage of perishable food such as seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits etc.


A clean room (or cleanroom) is an enclosed space in which airborne particulates, contaminants, and pollutants are kept within strict limits, not higher than the standard set. Cleanroom are often used in the pharmaceutical industry, Bio-industry, and Electronics industry.


Processing room is the room used in the production process. The room must be of high quality in order to obtain safe and high quality products according to GMP and HACCP standards.


Factors determining the success of a livestock farm and animal farm are: Risk reduction of farm contamination, cleanliness, humidity and temperature level that are affecting animals.


IXL Roof Panel prevents roof leakage and easy to install. IXL insulated panels also offer noise reduction and heat protection. Its face steel metal sheet is designed modern and strong.


Buildings, distribution centers, etc.