Floor Heater

Product Details

Prevent ice formation on runways. Mitigate the risks from the hazardous frost when loading and unloading operations. The frost on the door lip seals require to use force to open the doors. These problems can be minimized by installing a floor heater. IXL has a wide range of floor heater models with the HEM – UFH Control Panel.

Model HEM-H 340 R   Size  0.90 x 1.00 m
Model HEM-H 400 R   Size  1.40 x 1.00 m
Model HEM-H 500 R   Size  1.90 x 1.00 m
Model HEM-H 650 R   Size  2.40 x 1.00 m
Model HEM-H 750 R   Size  2.90 x 1.00 m