What are IXL's purchase conditions?

  1. Before and after project completion, IXL will review the actual work area. If there is an increase or decrease of work area, IXL will summarize in a report. The report will be approved by the client before proceeding.
  2. The client must provide sufficient space for product storage and enough space for installation area within the reasonable working time frame. If there are materials, machines, etc., obstructing the work area, the client will be responsible to move and protect them in a safe place, unless agreed otherwise.
  3. The client or representative must check and sign the delivery receipt immediately on the delivery date.

What are IXL's payment conditions?

The invoice will be sent to the client within 7 days after the product delivery date. The payment must be paid within 7, 15, or 30 days after the receipt of invoice or as stated in the terms of payment.